Alternative Limb Project

“Proper out there!!! Weird and wonderful – it felt very alien which suited me perfectly, haha!
It’s a very beautiful piece too: the flowers are stunning. Clever design…”

Flora / Fauna Hybrid

This piece explores Kelly Knox’s interest in the extraterrestrial in the shape of a botanical tentacle.

A flora/fauna hybrid, we created verdant armor inspired by terrestrial plants for the surface of the arm, with an alien structure which lies beneath the skin. 26 individual vertebrae allow subtle, organic movements of the arm as it curves and curls around objects.

There are four degrees-of-freedom within the arm, controlled by Kelly’s big toes. With four force sensors embedded in her shoes, Kelly can flex the four individual sections, or can combine two at a time, to create dynamic curves that react in real-time, allowing Kelly precise control.

Collaboration with Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Dani Clode and Hugo Elias

Photoshoot by Omkaar Kotedia

Modeled by Kelly Knox