Alternative Limb Project

Synchronised is a prosthetic with a pulse and reimagines the prosthetic arm as a
piece of jewellery: a gestural, kinetic, addition to the body.

A Prosthetic with a Pulse

The arm is made from electroplated brass carbon fibre, that transitions into clear acrylic layers forming a mirrored recreation of Kelly’s right arm.

When Kelly turns the arm on, she places her thumb over the sensor on the forearm, which reads her pulse. One of the acrylic layers in the wrist then ticks in time to her heartbeat.

The wrist has a japanese joinery inspired end, which connects to two different hands that can be switched by Kelly, one in clear and one in blue.

Collaboration with Sophie de Oliveira Barata and Dani Clode

Photoshoot by Omkaar Kotedia

Modeled by Kelly Knox