Alternative Limb Project

"I felt like it was part of me, not separate.. which was totally unexpected!
My favourite piece!!!”

The Material Arm

The Materialise arm comes in two halves: the underside is highly realistic, expertly crafted in skin-like-silicone skin side, to represent Kelly’s physical body; the upper half is designed with interchangeable sections, each of which represent various elements, reflecting her emotional and spiritual self.

The arm was created by a combination of 3D printing, CNC routing, hand carving and sculpting, using steel, rock, earth, wood, moss, oil, cork, wool, bronze, rhodium and gold. The two halves of the arm form a strong visual connection between the physical and metaphysical.

Collaboration with Sophie de Oliveira Barata and Dani Clode

Photoshoot by Simon Clemenger

Modeled by Kelly Knox