Do you have a concept that you cant bring to fruition? Maybe you’re missing that finishing touch? Our team can help you with any stage of the design process…


We empower you to show off your designs using state of the art digital rendering technology or traditional drawing styles. Give your designs the edge they deserve.


Working on something exciting? We want to know! We are open to collaboration on innovative projects.


Need some guidance? not sure how to create your project? we are here to help. We can advise on how to design for certain manufacturing processes, material choice, finishing techniques, and even expand on your initial concepts to take them to the next level.

3D Modelling

Do you have some great ideas but don’t know how to design in 3D? No problem, our team can create clean 3D models from digital sculpting to mechanical engineering, fit for any purpose.


We can bring your designs and 3D models into the real world, using a mixture of 3D printing, Laser cutting, CNC machining, Mould making, and traditional hand craft.